Friday, September 18, 2009

The natural color of ASS

Question: "Mom, why is your butt crack pink?"

Response [jumping up, wiping off ass of pants frantically]: "What??? Do I have something on my pants and didn't know it? Did I sit in something, Kid2?"

Question [kid laughing, but still curious]: "NO MOM. Why does everyone have pink on their butts? You know, inside their cracks? Why are they pinkish purple?"



And now I'm off to google "pink butt cracks". I will share my learnings tomorrow... because when I asked my husband this same question last night and how I might have responded to the curious blue-eyed 7 year old Kid2, his answer revolved around how porn stars actually bleach their assholes to rid of pinkish-purple coloring for video.

I think I will eliminate that from my educational discussion with my curious kid tomorrow. Google, here I come.