Friday, July 3, 2009

OCD is obviously hereditary. Shit.

I've come to the realization that my little OCD child may be learning tendencies from me.


Shit. Well, you tell me... Is it normal to:

  • Ensure that during your nightly set-up for delayed timing of morning coffee brewing you also lay out in precise motion exactly ONE SECTION of a select-a-size paper towel set at a perfect diagonal, your coffee cup, 2 Splendas and a specific favorite coffee teaspoon so you are fully prepared in the morning for instant gratification?
  • Take 22 minutes before bed to apply prescription arm lotion in specific stroke movements, always right arm first, then left, then pop an Allegra, then reapply wax to poking metal brackets of new braces before even speaking one word to your husband because even the smallest messing up of such a ritual will set you off and force one to start over from the absolute beginning causing husband to stare at you as if you were a crazy woman?
  • Eat popcorn one popped kernel at a time, even though you are starving and craving the buttery taste, but have developed such a habit so many years ago you can not think to entertain any other mode of consumption? First, grab fistful of popcorn with right hand; second, transfer fistful of popcorn to left hand in one swift move; third, use right hand to feed mouth individual kernels from left hand, one by one.
I swear I'm laid back about a lot of shit. It takes me less than ten minutes to get ready in the morning in order to leave the house. I can pick up a pair of wrinkled jeans from my closet floor and pair it with a 2 day-worn tank top, dress and feel newly re-freshed without hesitation. (I'm not sure why I'm proud of that, but I am.)  Put me in an uncomfortable situation at work or out socially, and I'll think to myself, "Hey, whatever..." and find some way to make a joke out of it.

But WTF is up with some of this other shit?  Seriously. To my 7 year old Kid2 who I've so many times cussed out about your OCD tendencies, nightly routines of tucking blankets and obsession with the remote control, today you receive my compassion and apologies.  Mom's messed up, kid.


Erin said...

I fold all the boys clothes a certain way and if my husband messes it up I have to fold it all again and of course have to let out an annoyed sigh!
Does this help? LOL

libby said...

Just a reminder: Libby: circa 1988-1992. Enough said.

Though, your point may be valid - because when I read the part about the paper towel, I thought about your mom.

Schmoochiepoo said...

Ya, you got issues. J/K!

I have some 'quirks' like everything must be even. Everything. You should see me try and wax my eyebrows!
Socks must always be worn on the same foot left or right.
If I don't do 'the loop' through the hosue checking doors/windows etc I won't be able to sleep. Even if I just watched hubby do it.
Anything with a numeric dial..TV, radio, thermostat etc must be on an even number.
My kid must sleep with the right corner of his blanket in his left hand.
He has to have 3 stuffies in the right corner of his pillow and his Bakugans lined up on the dresser ready for battle or he won't get into bed.
I could go on but I'm starting to sound like a freak. :P

We're messed up :)

Swirl Girl said...

No- I don't know what you could possibly mean.

No- I don't know what you could possibly mean.

(I have to say everything twice - comes from years of nobody listening to me)

Dani said...

Hi Sue...

Glad to hear from you!! I have some tendencies eating mm's or skittles in pairs and if there is one left over that doesn't have a gets chucked. This amongst others I tell ya!

Anywho....hope you have a great 4h and I'll be blogging soon. :)

Missy said...

I can officially diagnose you; OCD! You may also have a few other issues! :) LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG... you had me in stitches!!!! If it means anything at all...I eat my popcorn with chopsticks, one kernal at a time...

JennyMac said...

I have everything in closet sorted by color and then by sleeve length. Might be OCD but it makes finding anything I want soooooo easy. Great post!

Organic Meatbag said...

wait, do you tap your foot 4 times before you pour your coffee and count to ten between putting each shoe on in the morning? Just as a general rule of thumb, I will not go pee until I have recited the Gettysburg address 3 times in front of any available mirror...hahaha!~

Danielle said...

I can't leave the house unless everything is in it's place, but I NEVER really clean. I have to hire someone for that. OCD to a point and there it stops. I feel for you girl since I am there too.

binks said...

Does not being able to stop playing solitaire until I actually win a game count?

Anonymous said...

Hm, I don't know if thats just a bad habit or ocd to a counsellor they will help.
Myself, I have to wash my hands, if I've been out I just HAVE to or I stress over it. Overall otherwise I am not that neat or clean. I check and recheck if I've completed a task (answered emails etc) I don't know if OCD can improve over time, but I used to do things like say everything twice (mouth it the second time or whisper) and to feel safe I have to say a sort of prayer at night, The worst was that I had a fear of hurting someone accidentally like dropping a kid I was holding or something, without having any desire or intention of doing that,... that my friends is OCD, not how you eat ur skittles or popcorn

Anonymous said...

I had OCD big time but decided enough was enough and I stopped my behaviour which then stopped my negative obsessive thoughts. Your bad language shows how tightly wound you are. The swearing and negative talk will only add fuel to the fire, Try to monitor your speech, your behaviour and then your thoughts will become more peaceful. OCD is an awful illness but it can be broken xx

Anonymous said...

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Linda said...

... Whenever my husband and I go anywhere, he has to go back and check to see that I locked everythig....AND once we are in the car, he ALWAYS goes back and relocks the front door, even after checking and seeing that it is locked. WTF??????

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that you make light of a very serious condition. OCD is a lifelong condition which the affects not only the individual but the family. It is serious and devastating to everyone. It should not be made fun of but rather brought to light as a legitimate disease - not something to be ashamed of. It as not a mental illness. It has a physical cause. You can not imagine the pain and suffering it can cause until you or a loved one has lived with it. Reconsider how you present it.

Anonymous said...

To the most previous anonymous poster: if you find my wife's sense of humor offensive then turn off your computer; then turn on your computer ; then turn off your computer ; then turn on your computer ; then turn off your computer and turn your light switch on and off 14 times... and don't read this blog.