Friday, January 3, 2014

ASK me another question you anonymous 12 year old TW_T

My girls (11 & 14) are on so many social media sites, I can't always keep track.  I try to.  And any new APP they download to their phones automatically downloads to mine... pretty much my lazy effort in  spying.  The fun part is, I get to make a profile, and they have to accept me following them.

Instagram, Kik, Snapchat and Ask are the top 4 these days.  And while I can't fit in on Instagram (since surprisingly at 43 years old I can't stomach snapping close-up selfies with "puckered lips" and then posting them to the world)... I did attempt to hang out on "Ask" for a bit.

Have you seen this app???!!

Aside from it being a "Bully Zone Amongst Girls", there's some funny shit our kids talk about on social media.  Like "TBH".  What the hell is that?  "To Be Honest"... if you respond "Yes", then you simply respond "honestly"to their next question.  Wow.  That's creative.

And what about "Rate?".  This is someone asking you if you're willing to "Rate" people if they give you a person's name... Like on a scale of 1-10.  Or sometimes it could be on a letter grade scale:  B+ or A-.  Not A.  But A-.  WTF is that?  My daughter gave someone a C and we had to talk.

So I set up my profile and "followed" my girls' accounts, checking in only every so often.  And can you believe within 24 hours I started getting messages that "Moms are not supposed to be on ASK."  "Get Off ASK."  WTF?  I was about to hand out a can of Whoop Ass right there on screen!

And then, I remembered my own advice to my girls... don't respond when people are rude.  Don't fuel the fire.  Don't stoop down to their level.  They'll move on to someone else when ignored.

Screw that.  Come on 12 year old anonymous twat.  You found your match.  But do you think you could just give me a little time to figure out how to create a "fake" account, under a new name, so my girls can't see what I'm doing?  Then, I'll be ready "To Be Honest".  Promise.


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