Thursday, January 2, 2014

My learnings from Weight Watchers in the New Year: Cabbage is bad.

It's been 4 to 5 days of getting back to my workout routine at the gym (which has been on hiatus for a long, long, long time).  In addition, I agreed to join Weight Watcher's (WW) to jump-start my ambitious attempt to lose weight quick in early 2014.

Here's the main takeaways I've concluded to date:

1.  Cabbage soup is NOT good for ones intestines several days in a row.
2.  Starting WW's during the first winter snowstorm of the year that causes everything to close down is simply bad timing since you're locked in your house with nowhere to go, except the refrigerator.
3.  My family used to enjoy cabbage but they've changed their mind after the past 3 days.
4.  Cabbage plus "flaxseed" smoothies in the same day is quite comical, in a frightening way.
5.  A glass of wine according to WW's is 5 ounces, and equates to 4 points.
6.  My normal consumption of wine is more than my TOTAL daily point allowance on this damn plan.
7.  I believe I need a different meeting - AA, not WW.

...Or a much smaller wine glass.  But the kids are home in 2 days, so we know that is not an option.
WW's or bust.  I say bust.