Friday, November 21, 2008

A little more explanation of my not-so-spiritual psychic reading...

So now, I realize, I get the most comments on individual posts that I write while I'm drunk on red wine. Perfect. And for those readers who requested a little more detail on my somewhat "leading" post around SPIRITS... here ya go.

First of all, here's what other obviously "more spiritual than me attendees" got to hear from their personal readings:

  • K.M. - Recently married. Blatantly told she was pregnant. Definitely. With a boy. She was also surrounded by her deceased father and a very good friend who committed suicide several years ago. Wow, the tears...

  • L.S. - Her mother is around her all the time. It's her mom that is actually visiting in her dreams when she wakes up talking in conversation. Her father is ready to go...let him go. Her son will major in accounting and will go away to school - north. It is a good decision for him.

  • W.F. - Will live a very long life - into her 90's. She will be a grandmother soon. At least 2 girls coming in the next 4-5 years.

  • My husband - His grandfather is a very strong guide around him. His ex-wife will start to limit her controlling ways with us soon - she sees a small infant child around her [No fucking way??!!! This has been our secret evil wish placed upon her - pregnancy. There is a god maybe.] and this infant will calm her when it comes to dealing with us. Please, if there is any truth to any of this psychic bullshit, P-L-E-A-S-E let this be the one ounce of truth.
  • Others Attendees: More relatives showed up, lots of tears appeared, and some pretty stunning exact numbers and dates were thrown out to individuals, including details on a specific car accident that caused everyone to breath and look at others in silence.

And then there was my reading.

I have a LOT of energy. But when it comes to spirits and/or guides, all of mine were obviously busy at the moment or they simply didn't get the invite to this damn event.

No feeling of anyone around me... aside from a faint feeling of someone old, someone generations away from me who didn't have the inability to speak. But it wasn't clear to her. And something with loss (hmmm...think anyone could relate to loss??? Seems a little generic to me...). Maybe a miscarriage? Maybe the loss of a relative? (Yes, miscarried twice, but I'm not feeling it, lady.)

Is my grandmother around? No, not sensing it. [What??]

Career changes? Not really. Looks like same old shit for the next 2-3 years. Everyone else in the room were either getting promotions, changing roles, doing something entirely different but plain ol' me is just hangin' pretty. Woo Hoo. I will take this as only one not getting laid off.

Final question: My Dad's Health. Not feeling anything. No health issues, maybe something with his prostate. (Um, sorry to inform you Lady but I actually sell Prostate Cancer drugs and know that any dad of someone my age has prostate issues. Again, way, way, way too generic.)

So there you have it. I suck so bad that spirits don't even want to hang around to check in. I will continue to say it was the wine, or that others maybe just need more guidance than me at the moment. Which one is it??? I'm not sure.

Individual sessions are available for $65. Whatcha' think???



Katie said...

No way. Whether you believe in it or not, it's still a pretty cool way to blow $65. Shit, I've spent nearly that much taking my family to a movie.

Vodka Mom said...

That was incredibly cool. I'd be a little afraid, but STILL. I would totally pay $65.

Dorsey said...

Yeah, I'm just not buying it...especially ever since I saw Penn & Teller's Bull$hit on the episode

binks said...

Once, a friend of a friend, was kind of following me around trying to tell me about all the women who were around me.
She said they would not leave her alone and they insisted that she speak to me. It was free, maybe I should've listened.

libby said...

I just want to know if any of those people she said were preganant are REALLY pregnant. Then I will believe it. And I will go cuase I am pretty sure I need to know who is floating over and around me.