Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Picture Can Say 1,000 Words.

As we prepare for our second Thanksgiving Holiday Meal later this evening, this is how my husband and I are feeling today. Can you say
B - L - O - A - T - E - D

[Disclaimer: This is NOT my real husband. I swear he doesn't wear saggy jeans like that. His ass is much nicer. And he really doesn't have a big gut as shown above, I swear.]

[Disclaimer: This is NOT really me. Even bloated however, I would welcome this woman's shapely middle section these days. I would like to admit, my bloating is MUCH worse than hers.]
That's all I got for today.


Vodka Mom said...

Don't EVEN come look at my belly.

Katie said...

Oh, man. I hear ya. I feel disgusting (4 days later)

binks said...

Holy hell - I would kill to have either of those bodies! LOL