Monday, November 3, 2008

Save Sydney Mom!

Shelle over at is having her regular Monday "Don't You Hate It When..." themed contest. I entered a past post yesterday, and I'm a little scared of what I've started.

Why you ask?

Because my life seemingly continues to give me more "Don't You Hate It When..." opportunities even now, when I don't need them anymore. Check this one out from earlier today:

Don't You Hate It're flying through the grocery store at just about 4:47pm to get home to relieve the babysitter by 5:00 so god forbid you don't feel like one of those full-time working moms who spend too much time away from their kids only to hear your cell phone ring at the checkout aisle as you're choosing between plastic or paper even though you've purchased 16 recyclable bags over the past 3 months that just sit in your trunk because you can never remember they exist...

And as you answer your cell phone you can hear your 8 year old daughter talking 90 miles per hour giving you the rundown of how your 6 year old daughter "...found the big bowl of leftover Halloween Hershey bars and Larissa [the babysitter] told her she's eaten WAY TOO MUCH MOM, but she didn't want to stop eating them and she wouldn't listen Mom so she went into the bathroom with the bowl of chocolate and locked the door and won't open it or let us in and won't answer us or come out, even when Larissa warned her that she would have to call you if she refused to and she still won't listen so that's why I am calling you Mom... Mom??? Can you hear me, Mom???"

Me: "Are you frickin' KIDDING ME?????????? Seriously."

She wasn't. So I negotiated over the phone through a door to save my daughter. With threats... and Scribbler Popsicles as a bribe to get the hell out of the bathroom and put the chocolate away.

I hate when that shit happens.


Vodka Mom said...

threats and bribery. My two favorite weapons.......

Katie said...

Why do these things always happen at the checkout line? It's hard to look like a normal person when you're trying to talk a kid down from the chocolate ledge over the phone.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HAHAHAHA! That is a good one also...although the creepy fat massager was pretty bad! :)

libby said... too? I mean the grocery bags, of course. That is really a perfect story.

PS - happy election day!!! I am SO excited to hear the outcome this time!