Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where are the manners people???

Why? Why? Why...I ask you all, are people so rude and all about themselves these days? Can you think of a time recently where you were in a conversation, or maybe even weren't, and someone said something to you where your instant thought was:

"Why the F_#* did you have to just say that to me???"

OK, for example:
Yesterday I was in the check out line at the grocery story (and yes, if you're seeing a pattern of checkout aisles each day after work, I'm a procrastinator at heart)...none the less, the cashier was so excited to tell me she had one hour to go until she was picking up her son who JUST turned 18 and was going to vote with her for the first time ever.

Pretty cool. She was so excited. I told her I thought it was great he was getting out to do it where others his age might not see the importance in it. I shared with her how surprised I was to have just earlier spoken to a 26 year old at work who literally told me since she had watched no debates and had no idea about politics or the candidates she wasn't going to vote. How sad it was that at 26 years old she had no interest, and here this cashier's son was 18 and taking advantage of this awesome right he now has.

Suddenly, the woman behind me waiting in line leaned her bony ass elbow into my thicker [sculptured] arm and said in such a miserable tone: "OH, whatever!! Maybe she would have voted if there was a candidate worth voting for. They're both MORONS!"

Me: [Cutting my pupils into her skull as hard as I could while trying just as hard to listen to my therapist's voice that echoed from the back of my brain waves that when dealing with such people I should replace anger with empathy towards these individuals since they are just miserable people, and I directed my voice and words to the cashier]: "Well now, I think that it's pretty darn cool he's voting. And even cooler that he's going with you. I'm actually taking my daughter with me too. Have a blast."

Why do people have to be so miserable and rain on other peoples' parades??? This woman was so excited for her son, and I believe so proud he was willing to go with her, and some strange bitch with a bony elbow had to push her down??? Why people, WHY I ASK????

This past weekend, we were at a formal event. It was my mom's birthday, and her request months ago was that her five children with spouses/guests would attend this dinner/dance with her and my dad, so all of us could be together. While eating dinner, sipping wine, complementing everyone on their dresses, etc. my mother turned to me and said, "Wow Sue, where did you get that cocktail ring, is it new?"...

[I would like to interject that I absolutely love fun cocktail rings and make a habit to stop at a sterling jewelry shop any chance I can when flying through the Philadelphia airport just to get new rings to add to my collection...]

Me: "Oh yes!! [thank you for noticing my new FAVORITE piece of jewelry Mom, I could kiss you...] I got it at my regular store when I flew through the Philly airport to Cleveland last month, do you like it???!!"

My Mom: "Well, it IS a little WIDE...."

crushed to the ground.


So yesterday I wore my wide-ass cocktail ring and took my own 6 year old daughter with me to vote for the better moron of a presidential candidate. And I not only felt pride in voting, but if I must say so myself, my hand looked pretty damn good pulling that lever.


Vodka Mom said...

I feel your pain. My mother in law is kind of the same way. There is never anything GOOD to say. It's always a negative comment of some kind. I don't know WHY people choose to be that way. LIFE IS TOO SHORT. right?

libby said...

I think that whole "freedom of speech" thing has gone to people's heads. Or they have no filter (you know...the one that catches those random thoughts between the brain and the actual part where you speak out loud).

Mom's (and most family) just do what they do though. "Big G" (my mother) often made scathing comments to me, but I always figured it was a right of passage as a mom of adult children.

Katie said...

Ha, Moms. Let's pinky swear never to do that to our girls, ok? My mom criticizes my PEDICURES (on the rare occasion that I get one).
PS-I love giant cocktail rings too- and I wore one while I voted.

Paige said...

Man I have no idea, but I swear a day never goes by that I do not think "just what the hell is wrong with you?" But I never say anything, even when the comments are extremely personal and out of line---because I do not want them to feel stupid

what is that about? They ARE stupid--if I have to be subject to their stupid, a little embarrassment ought to be served up to them

But I lose my nerve