Friday, October 3, 2008

DAMN, Finally A Holiday For Me, And I Miss It!

I would like to first give credit for the following announcement to a fellow blogger I keep up with quite frequently: Dorsey at

Look at what holiday she celebrated a couple of days ago on her obviously more up to date blog than mine, and I MISSED IT!!!!!

While I realize it is October 3rd and I am two days late, I can not let this beautifully created holiday slip by without contributing. Here's what I'd like to officially "Bitch" about today:

  • Why are women so disgustingly dirty in restrooms? I mean COME ON!! I am tired of traveling through airports, frequenting restaurants, gyms, stores, you name it while always having to clean up after the nastiest of women. Do you piss on your own toilet seat and rip shreds of toilet paper all over the place in your home bathroom without thinking twice? Do you NEVER flush after yourself and simply wait for your kids, spouse or weekly cleaning lady to do it for you? MY GOD, what is wrong with our society???
  • Why do "gang-member looking" people on the street, at the mall, in the middle of a Macy's petite women's section look at us , taunt us, approach us and let us know they'd do "anything, baby to have someone as pretty as you mama..."? I mean, do they really thing this is a pick up line that would cause me to finally one day confess my love and passionate fantasies to them and go "romp their world and pleasure them with d'at ass I was so lucky to get from my mama?" Especially on my lunch break while I'm sneaking a 4 minute shopping spree in the local Macy's petite department???
  • Why is my husband's ex-wife such a selfish, manipulating, over the top ____ ... Yikes... I'm going to pass on finishing this question to avoid any legal ramifications what so ever...

On a much more serious note, (which basically means I would like to try and justify all my unnecessary bitching above), I just read "The Last Lecture" yesterday, by Randy Pausch...

If you've never heard his story or seen his "last lecture" online, you should check it out someday. Especially on one of those days you're wanting to bitch about everything and everybody plus more in your life.

But don't wait 'til next October 1st. I promise, it's worth it.