Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Farm Family Trip.. or might I call it "family rape"?

OK [big, big deep breath, and sigh...]. Today, after my glorious relaxing [ie, bullshit, chaotic, over-the-top, filled with crazy children and one of the world's worst temper tantrums ever documented] morning, we had plans to go to the pumpkin farm. Quite amazing to organize with the following attendees:
Mark and I
Our 4 Kids
My Mom
My Youngest Brother visiting from Florida
My Sister, Her Hubby
Above Sisters' 2 kids: MJ [attention needing 2 year old from last post] & 1 year old Sophia
My Sister's mother-in-law
My Middle Brother & His Wife
Above's 2 month old daughter Alexandra
My Daring Oldest Brother who doesn't want kids
And I'm still recovering to even think about writing words.
Or maybe it's the 2 Mich Ultra's that followed at lunch, I'm just not sure.
What ever happened to the days when a trip to the pumpkin farm was actually ABOUT PUMPKINS??? Today, this trip is now a scam. And even in the economic crisis our nation is facing, our local farmer over at "Jackson's Farm" is raping all of us who feel we MUST get at least ONE PICTURE of our children on the pumpkin piles.
In the meantime, we get nagged for ticket rides, petting zoo admissions, face painting, candy apples, rock wall climbing, bounce house charges and hay ride fees that actually risk lives while crossing live railroad tracks - I mean, come on!!! You couldn't grow the god damn corn on the other side of the highway??? And I survived [barely] with 3 lousy tickets still remaining in my left pocket. That's a $3 donation to the Jackson family.
May apple crops suffer a historical drought next year.
What I do know is that we did manage to buy [and break, smash, step on, kick] a few pumpkins, and get several pictures. That's all the energy I have left to post. Here are some pics of the family since I don't normally get this personal. These are for you Carla and Libby.

Samantha & Uncle Sami

Spencer & Mark

MJ pouting (Sister's 2 year old attention-needing son)

Beautiful Alexandra, my middle brother's 2 month old

Our littlest, Cooper. (Yes, he would be the pumpkin kicker.)

Mark and I, before 2 beers. sister's youngest who just turned one. That's MY hairdo though.

Sophia & Sydney, Buddies at Last...

Spencer, our Athlete...and may I brag he was the only one to reach the top!


Katie said...

LMAO, How in the hell did you coordinate that many people to go get pumpkin raped? The pictures are cute though :) I'm deadly jealous of your tan now.

Dorsey said...

what, no AFTER 2 beers picture? HA!!! I hear ya on the scamming! Ther pull that around here too, we go to a nice one where a lot of crap's included (hay ride, animal feed, and a hot dog/chips)..all for like $5 a pop.

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Those are great pics of the fam!

libby said...

Holy crap! Sami...what happened? He is ALL grown up! Looks like we are coming a week too late for the FamJam! Too bad! Maybe we'll make it next year - though I am not so sure about the torture you have put yourself through having to coordinate that many (moody, cranky, tired) people. Plus kids! : )

We'll be there Friday night!