Friday, October 10, 2008

Payback's a BITCH my little darling...

OK, I'm going to make this short and "Oh, SOOOOOO Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet."

My little 6 year old has been testing my nerves to the point of no return this week. She's also been testing her older sister's nerves, and actually broke my mother's nerves last week to the point of her having to confess to me that she could no longer watch both girls at the same time anymore, as she "...will not put myself in the position to literally get so upset to the point of possibly having a heart attack. I refuse to do it anymore." Quick Flashback - this had much to do with my little one stabbing a waffle violently during breakfast one morning while I was out of town. And no, I have not yet taken her to my therapist.

Well, well, well my little Sydney... I may regret this later on when you are wanting me to cuddle with you in one of your rare yet loving moments. But you are not here right now. And I just happened to be scrolling through some summer pictures... And you REALLY pissed me off this morning, not to mention this entire f--king week.

So for the few people that actually read this every so often, you might remember an older post of mine entitled, "Nicknames" from September 20th (sorry I am so computer illiterate that I can't yet figure out how to easily provide my readers with the quick link to this post just yet...I'm still trying). Within that confessional posting, I included several of the horrid nicknames my husband and I have for some people in our lives, and I introduced everyone to "Corky", the summer name my 6 year old daughter has inherited.

If you can't figure it out and didn't read the post, you'll have to go back. Otherwise, for all of you regular readers, maybe now you will understand how "Corky" was born:

And for the sake of my own self preservation and respect, I would like to at least show you the precious face under the you aren't so fearful of my own flesh and blood:

I really do love you Sydney... but just remember what Mommy can do when you don't listen.


libby said...

wasn't the show called "Life Goes On" or something like that?

What we call that in this house is a special mood (ie: Graham is in a special mood today.) Those are not the good days. I feel your pain. She sounds like quite the handful.

I love the nickname "Corky." Can I call her that when I see her?