Monday, October 13, 2008

Watch OUT Martha Stewart!

Anyone who knows me well will appreciate this post even more so. I must admit, I am the Queen of "Buy versus Make", I totally believe one of the best inventions ever is Steam Fresh Veggies (if you haven't tried these, you MUST), and I simply don't believe in sewing or fixing things - just throw 'em out, and buy brand new. This has NOTHING against those who choose to do otherwise... it is simply a personal deficiency in talent and time on my end.

With that being said, all four little ones are expected at our doorstep this afternoon, and I am desperately missing them. .. And with Halloween being my favorite time of year, I wanted to do something special for their return home. So I broke out the 'ol attempt to do something "Martha Stewarty".

Here's a quick look at this morning's creation. Not that this is exciting "blog" material - just a way I can remind myself I actually DO attempt things that stay-at-home-moms do to alleviate that guilt that creeps over me every so often. I was like a little kid in a candy shop experimenting with all the new icing sprays, decorating gels and candy decorations.

Plus, I would like to show off my new cupcake holder!!
(See, it's the simple things in life that totally make my day.)

Happy Halloween Season!


libby said...

I am so utterly, completely impressed with you. Especially since you MADE them - they look! That is amazing! Yo GO with your bad ass Martha Stewart Self!

Dorsey said...

Those look AWESOME! Great job!!!!!