Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome Home, Mom!

Check out this welcome I got from my girls and their best friend Emilie, my so-called adopted "5th child" as she likes to say, yesterday as I got home from work. I will very briefly set the stage.

I walk in from work, babysitter on couch watching soap opera channel as usual while girls are playing school upstairs. As I yell "HELLO??" and begin my journey up to their room, I am suddenly stopped by all three children. Emilie [5th child] is front and center blocking me as if she were a driver violently slamming her car breaks on while trying to prevent me from flying through the windshield:

Emilie: "Mrs. Northrup - DO NOT go in there!"

Me: "Where?"

Emilie: [pointing to the girl's bathroom door, closed tightly] "THERE!!!!"

This is what I saw:

That would read: "Don't come in - there's something big."

I will spare you a picture of the biggest dump I've ever seen in the history of my life. How did that come out of one of these little bodies? I have no idea. And from the looks on their faces, they didn't know how either.

Which one could it be???

It will remain a mystery. Our little secret, girls.

Hand Mom the plunger so I can get to work.


Karen said...

My 8-year old shits like a 300 pound bull mastif.

It's horrid.

Katie said...

The one on the left looks pretty damn proud. Just sayin. :)