Saturday, October 18, 2008

Peaceful Saturday Morning, NOT!

Well, this morning was supposed to give me some peace and quiet, and a little alone time with my youngest daughter Sydney (aka "Corkey" to my regular readers). However, things always change in this house, literally in seconds time.

My husband left for a few hours to take his oldest son to a football game 30 minutes away. His little one Cooper was supposed to go as well. But then, it started. The phone rang at 8:31am from my so called "5th child" who lives down the street and knows my rule that you can't call our home on weekends until AT LEAST 8:30am.


Sydney: "MOM, Can Emily come to play even though Samantha is at Grandma's?"
Me : "Sure."

Literally 48 seconds later, the doorbell goes:


No way Cooper is going to football with Dad and Spencer now. Emily is "dreamy" to him. And considered an "older woman". She's 9.

10 minutes later, phone goes:


This time, it's my oldest daughter Samantha calling from Grandmas: "MOM, is Emily there yet? I want to come HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!"

Me: "OK, let me talk to Grandma to see if she can run you down."

Grandma: "Sure, but can you take MJ [my sister's two year old son who at this very moment is in the most attention-needing stage of a child's life] too, since he will have a fit if Samantha leaves?"

Me: "Sure." [Are you kidding me?]

Shit. So, here is my peaceful Saturday morning. Tis' the weekend spirit. Enjoy.

Please dismiss popsicle in 2 year olds mouth at 9:32am. I was desperate.


Dorsey said...

Ah yes! I've had one too many Saturday mornings begin this way! LOL

Karen said...

Sounds familiar. And I've only got two!

Trese Burczak said...

I laugh only because I can relate!