Friday, October 31, 2008

I Q-U-I-T...again.

I Quit. Mark my words:

I Q-U-I-T thinking that my 6 year old has hit a new stage where positive reinforcement actually works and getting ready for school can include normal voice-tones and workable ponytails on the first try instead of my typical verbally abusive threats of "IF YOU DO NOT GET YOUR SNEAKERS AND SOCKS ON RIGHT NOW...................................!!!!!" followed by tears. Hers and mine.

I Q-U-I-T making my once proud of spiderweb cupcakes [too lazy to attempt a link but they're somewhere on this god damn blog] especially after baking 4 dozen batches just last night alone for school parties today where I don't even know if they will be welcomed and having black decorating gel embossed under my fingernails SOOOOOO bad that my ex-husband's girlfriend who is so kindly attending my girls' school parties with us today will think I am typical ex-wife trash.

I Q-U-I-T playing nice in the sandbox at work with a colleague who for some reason thinks the two of us are in competition versus on the same team working together towards the exact same goals and bonus potential. WTF? Can you say insecure, un-confident, no self-esteem little old man???

So Happy Halloween my blogger friends. I'm off to enjoy sitting in 2 classrooms of stinky, germy elementary school kids accompanied by my ex-husband and his girlfriend, along with lovely room parents who don't want me there. Then I will be thrilled to stand outside for 45 minutes to watch my girls parade around their school track in costume, or should I say half-costume as last night they decided that parts of their ensemble of course "bugged" them, who will ignore me as I try to yell their names to get at least one picture to record the fact that I was there and tried to be a decent, supportive mother for when they grow old and complain about me in therapy.

You bug me girls.
And I love you.
And I wouldn't miss this shit for the world.

Trick or Treat,


Vodka Mom said...

I hear ya. I often think about the parents who are in my classroom who have to sit next to their ex at conferences, or who have to stand with their ex and their ex's new significant OTHER while watching their children.

Anyway, you are a good mom. (and a very good sport...)

Karen said...

Hang in there!!!

Katie said...

Oh you've decribed the Halloween parade perfectly. I think I may have SARS now after all the coughing going on at preschool.

libby said...

I think I would quit too. Especially the BS with the Ex. And I have to are an excellent mom! And you make the best spider web cupcakes!

Jannie said...

What the hell's his girlfrined going too for?

(And she can't be as pretty as you from your photo.)

Jannie, blatant self-promotion, saw your comment on Vodka Mom.

Sabrae said...

Oh you poor dear! I've hated all my ex hubbys gf's but I actually like the one he is with right now... Oh wait... did I say ex hubby? LOL We are still legally married! Crap forgot about that!! Only seperated for the past 1 1/2 years! lol Hang in there!