Sunday, February 8, 2009

Interviewing...Damn it I got me another one

Well, thanks to all of you offering advice and good wishes last week as I mentioned I had a big interview on Wednesday. And while I made it the hour drive to get to the hotel conference room about 35 minutes prior to appointment time, I had woken up that morning accompanied by a 102 degree fever and horrid migraine headache that I thought would be the end of me for sure. Looking back now, I think it was the perfect "natural nerve reducer" and allowed me to talk at normal speed and not produce nervous armpit bullet sweat stains like I normally would in such a situation.

So after being asked the infamous "Why our Company?" question and the even more obvious "What should we pick YOU for this position?", I was told that I would be invited back for the next step in "the process". My god, sometimes I just wonder who created all these "processes" to begin with, and more so, why is it that I am finding myself being a part of any of this bullshit anyway? And then rational thinking kicks in, and I realize that if I'd like to choose between eating lettuce and pasta for the next 12 months vs. steak and pork loin, the answer is pretty damn obvious.

So, I've covered company research, and will obviously continue to do so. I've worked for days preparing a "Performance Portfolio" and presented each interviewer with their own copy as I walked them through page by page, highlighting achievements and successes. I rattled off questions regarding company pipeline, regional challenges, brand vs. generic, payer potential and reimbursement challenges. I clarified their needs in a sales person before closing the sale.

So now that research and preparedness have luckily paid off in round 1, I'm wondering what tricks I can possibly resort to for round 2? Fifty percent of the candidates are internal, fifty percent external. I sent my thank you e-mail and got a nice response that I'd be hearing back shortly on our next meeting. Any thoughts on what to do next?

Do I bring in a presentation screaming:

Or does it seem more appropriate to focus on my presence, such as adorning an item like:

Anyone got me some creative suggestions on what I could possibly do to "wow 'em" again?
This girls is determined to eat steak again within the next 6 weeks!


Anonymous said...


This is your pal from the Wesside, JD. Your recent blogs have me in stitches...Are you sure you want back in? I mean ride-alongs (I have a two day back to back this week!) etc. You are the master - no doubt and I like pork loin too but it's all so overrated! Phil Jordan give us a sign!

Susan said...

Thanks JD... pork loin actually may be overrated. Hmmmm... now I'm contemplating. PHIL JORDAN PSYCHIC MAN... PLEASE VISIT ME NOW! [and I'd prefer a typed blog comment vs. some spiritual bullshit message because I'm somewhat of a dumbass in that area. Thx.]

libby said...

my advice: be yourself. It hasn't failed you yet! You are awesome.

I see filet mignon dinners and many pork loins in your future.

Swirl Girl said...

bring 'em a pie.

Dorsey said...

If I knew, I'd have a job by now too... =(

Stacie said...

i'd agree with libby, you've gotten this far, keep it up.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Thigh-high stockings with those little garter belt clips showing from just under the edge of the skirt. Plus a sign around your neck that says "the box that I'm living doesn't have air conditioning"

Katie said...

Cut the "Please Hire Me" Square out of that T shirt, and patch the hole with fishnet stocking. Use your assests, woman.