Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who are you people and where is my family?

So, it's February break here in New York State which basically means to hell with parents who usually have other things going on in their lives, as most do any other week of the year. Fortunately as a new "unemployed" victim of only 2 weeks now, I have the wonderful opportunity to be locked up with four "can't-do-anything-on-my-own-but-tattletale" kids this week. Hoo - fucking - Rah.

Oh, and did I mention my gorgeous and entertaining husband
is home til 2:30 each day to help out?

See, here is basically what my morning consisted of:

My Husband, In Character...

And if you didn't notice, that's supposed to be a character sticking out his tongue with a scarf around its neck... don't you see the black eyes and nose? Do you get it now? No???

So then of course: Like Father, Like Son

And God forbid my youngest doesn't jump right in... here ya go:

Yeah, they are on the top stair mocking an entire play
upside down. This went on for almost an hour.

I repeat: Send. Help. Now. P.L.E.A.S.E.
PS...just got a call tonight around 5:30 to drive an hour and a half tomorrow for a 4pm interview - just after we promised the kids to take them on a tour of Howes caverns located an hour and a half in the OPPOSITE direction of my interview destination. Driving, hiking, driving, suit on, driving, interviewing, driving.
Shit. My life sucks. Royally.


libby said...

They look like caged animals. What's up with having a whole week of in the middle of winter??!?! That's craziness!

Only 5 more days though. Maybe buy some duct tape and ear plugs to get you through. (for clarification: duct tape for them. earplugs for you. later you can use it the other way around for "special time" with the hubby.)

Good luck on the interview. Count it as quiet time away. Hey - anything counts.

Katie said...

Anything that keeps them busy for an hour is a gift from above IMO (including husbands).
Good luck today at your interview!!

moooooog35 said...

We took our kids to Howe Caverns last year.

helpful tip:

Get in a room and shut the lights off. Then sprinkle water randomly at them.


I just saved you $80.

Dr Zibbs said...

Great pics.

Stacie said...

that is HILARIOUS...love the "characters" !!

good luck on your interview...and good luck surviving the school break.

Swirl Girl said...

I hear if you hang htem upside-down long enough...they fall into a blood-rushing-to-head type psuedo coma...

It's temporary, just long enough to open the bottle.

I went to Howe Cavern when I was a kid!!

SBC said...

LOL! I totally remember doing that! Good luck at the interview! Don't forget your boobs!

Dorsey said...

Ah yes...school breaks...I hope to be working again by the time Spring Break hits around here. HA!

Good luck with the hiking interview, just remember, hiking boots do NOT go with that gorgeous suit. hehe

binks said...

What the hell is this February break? When I went to school (back in the olden days) we had like, 1 teachers workday a year plus 2 weeks at winter and 2 weeks at spring. Now we have 1/2 days and ski breaks and 20 thousand holidays and teachers workdays and stub your toe days. No wonder the friggin schools aren't educating our kids. They rarely GO to school.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Every year for our talent show with the "family" we do that and sing to some popular song...always a great hit! lol!

mommy nurse said...

Love the way you entertain! I need some tips for Fri the last day of the mid winter break! I've used up all my tricks and we have spring break week to go a month from now or so. YEAH!!