Monday, December 1, 2008

Blogging Lesson Of The Day

I'm going to make this very quick. And let me just say that this is a perfect example of how my life works on a regular basis, and I swear new readers, totally unintentionally.

What not to do when attempting to research and join new blogging networking sites such as Blogamama or SITS in order to find new blogging friends:

Do NOT comment on any new social site the exact same day [or actually 7 minutes after] writing your last blog post entitled "I'm A Blog Snob. I'm so sorry." without realizing that your comment will actually entice other curious social networking members to possibly click on your comment link which will then direct them to your latest blog posting which boasts what a fucking snobbish blog bitch you actually might be, and how you hate blogs that might focus solely on content such as kids, food, recipes, blah, blah, blah...oh, sorry.

And did I mention that this also opens you up to receiving horrid, tear-your-ass-up comments from members of that social network that don't even know you, and because of this you shouldn't give a shit about what they write back on your blog consisting of 6 total readers, [thank you dear friend Libby for pointing that out yesterday], but these comments will stir within you for hours upon hours, not allowing you to sleep and forcing you to talk about it with your husband seven hundred and twenty four times, even though you get no reaction or empathy back, forcing you to realize that you are totally on your own and need to then stand up for your right to write what you want to write since that's what blogging is all about anyway?

Well, if I didn't ever mention that before, I'm throwing it out there today. BELIEVE ME. Don't do it.


Nicole said...

I'm sorry--I didn't mean to cause you grief--really... It just bugged me because it sounded like you were describing my blog (I'm a little sensitive about such things apparently) I overreacted, really. Please forgive... Nicole

If it makes you feel any better, I only have 3 readers--who am I?

Dorsey said...

Yikes, I just read through the comments that came in after mine over there. Yeah, I figure it takes all types to make this bloggy world go 'round. So if you want to be a blog snob, go right ahead. Just hope I'm still on your list of readable blogs. HA!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

You know, I am ALWAYS worried that some god fearing person is going to read my blog and then think about how Hell is the perfect place for me. But then I'm all "Bah, they're right anyway."

I like you. You use fun words that are hardly used by mom bloggers such as you and I. Swearing is so liberating. "Darn" is not as satisfying as "FUCK!" when I burn myself on the stove.

marie6 said...

Well, at least I know you love my couch, so maybe you haven't gone off my blog for good!!! It's good,honest writers like you that make all this blogging world more interesting, so I'll be back!
BTW, the material for my couch is from our local market, and was very cheap. But best of all my husband nearly choked on his food when I told him about your comment... he hates anything bright & colourful and I'm totally the opposite :)

Katie said...

Hey, Can't Hardly Wait just stole my thoughts, although she said it a lot better than I would have!

Your blog is real, it makes me laugh, and I read it everyday. We can't all be frolicking in a field of wild-flowers with our perfect beautiful children who never ever pick their nose and wipe it on the couch. And for those of us who do, I don't really want to read about it. Vagina potatoes are so much funnier.

libby said...

Just keeping it real here! : )

You have more than 6 followers. More like 102. (which consequently is 102 more than I have cause I am a chicken when it comes to blogging). But I wouldn't worry - it's us 6 that matter most. We love you no matter what you post about. Snobbery included (I think snobbery is underrated anyway).

binks said...

Susan - screw them - YOU ROCK!