Friday, December 19, 2008

Can I take a free pass today?

I'm exhausted and begging for a free pass today. I'm taking a break from writing so I can wash my hands, brush my teeth and actually spend some time with my husband as I have somehow forgotten what he actually looks like these days. I've spent the last 36+ hours with an 8 year old as she has been puking, crying, clinging and begging me to stop her from feeling so sick inside.

And usually while I'm the first one to crack a joke or sarcastically swear about my kids and tell it like it is, the only thing that comes to mind today [aside from how I'll be lysoling the entire house for the next 18-24 hours to reduce African monkey disease that I am now sure has seeped into this house] is that being a mom is pretty fucking hard. And at the same time, as my little girl could only find comfort in "mommy" every second of every hour for the past day and a half, and as my eyes continue to burn from the loss of sleep I've endured, the only other thing I can feel is how pretty awesome being her "mommy" truly is.


binks said...

Still funny with no sleep and puke on your jammies.

You're right, being a mom is a hard job, just wait for the designer clothes, talking back, crashing the car, etc.
It gets so much better. ;)

libby said...

There is nothing worse than a sick child. I think it is one of the hardest thing to endure as a parent.

But you do have your sharp sense of wittiness about you still, despite the battle with puke grenades, slepp torture and being held hostage for the last 48 hours.

'Tis the season!

Swirl Girl said...

take care of yourself and your is too short not to care.

Vodka Mom said...

no problem. But NO hanky panky.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I know the feeling. Son just got over being sick, daughter was up all last night puking, and now wife is sick, too.

Me? I've a scratchy throat and a bit of a mucus issue in the head, but other than that, peachy. Well, and the exhausted thing.

For some reason, I haven't slept well this week. Kept waking up way too early. Anyway, this isn't a bitching session about me, but I appreciate the ability to vent.

Tracey said...

My son spent all day Friday puking up everything that I put in his mouth. Water included. I think I bathed him at least 4 times and myself as well. Unfortunatly for me, I got the brunt of the puke all over me.
Yes, it sucks, but for some insane reason, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love that little bugger...puke and all.