Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm way too busy. Here's Why. And Check this out.

I'm having a few challenges this week with keeping up on creative blogging content.

Here's Why [like how this correlates directly with my title?] :

  • Work is kind of the priority on my mind and my phone is ringing off the hook. More details have come about my department, and we're going from a group of 300+ to a team of 125. I'll find out January 5th, or soon after. Merry fucking christmas. And everyone who is calling me: STOP WITH ALL THE "WHAT IF's". I can't be dragged down with all the unknown, so leave me alone. Let me enjoy my last month, being as irresponsible and incapable as possible. [Except for you Carla - I love friends who are willing to strategize as to how I can best spend the next 20+ weeks of a possible severance package living the good life until reality hits me right in the ass. Bring it on girl.]

  • My husband's ex-wife is back from a 12 day trip. She's back. What a wonderful time it was for us and the kids.

  • The girls had yet another half-day of school today. I'm not sure why this seems to surprise me as they pretty much never have school any more. No wonder kids can't pass state exams. Maybe if they held school more often, they'd fucking learn something.

Oh, and for my "And Check this out" part of my title, CHECK THIS OUT:

I know many of you already read Katie over at Stray Raisins. But if you haven't already, PLEASE, for your own entertainment, click on the below link. I dare you to tell me you can't relate to her story about the obnoxious ass - AKA: Stupid Haircut Kid. I am still snorting my wine, laughing out loud, and I thought that in honor of her hysterical post, I would just use it as content for my own. Thanks Katie!



Anonymous said...

Effin farf, you're right! Why don't the kids go to school anymore? We didn't miss a day unless the school was on fire. And even then it had to be a chemical burn or napalm or something. If it was any other kind we would just have classes in the gym (which was also the solution for a variety of other potential missed days - just have class in the gym!).

Good luck with your job situation. Glad tidings and all that. :)

Katie said...

Ok, I totally don't know what to say and my face is bright red. "Thanks" comes to mind, but just doesn't seem like enough to cover all the warm fuzzies inside. How about "Awwww Garrrsh!" ala Goofy style?

How nice of your company to wait until after the Holidays to drop the bomb. Nothing like an ACME anvil hanging over your head like a fucked up mistletoe to make your spirits bright. Here's hoping it lands on someone else, Cheers!

Tracey said...

I know it....everytime I look outside the kids are playing outside in my neighborhood. I think to myself, "get your asses to school already."
I never had a half day, that I can remember. Except for the ones that I, uh, wrote a note to excuse myself a little early for. I mean, my Mom wrote the note. I swear.
Good luck with the job. This economy sucks.

steenky bee said...

Oh, dear, I must now know the story behind the rude comments you received. Is it related to the post just prior to this one? I laughed out loud about the ex-wife comment. I read through a few of your posts and, girl, you are fun-nee! Thanks so much for stopping by. You know, for someone taking a break, I'm not very good at it. I have a post going up tomorrow and a guest post the day after that. Yeah, I suck at resting. I'll be back to visit you. I like it over here!