Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Recap and a Request for Humble Children

Well, we're off to Vegas first thing Monday morning, returning sometime on Saturday. And in the spirit of things, I thought I'd do a little reflection on some of the holiday highlights here in our humble household.

I'm hoping I don't lose too many readers by not being here for a week - but then again, I don't have many to lose, plus a trip to Vegas kind of trumps everything else these days...especially after being in lock down with four kids for the past week surrounded by never ending packaging to open and cardboard recycling up the ass.

And to throw out a temptation for those somewhat interested in what goes on in Vegas... it'll be my 100th post when I return, so I'll have to make it a doozy. And let's just say that even though my husband and I agree "What goes on in Vegas STAYS in Vegas", I promise to bring my camera and share some of our highlights. [I'll probably have blogging content for months from this trip.] .

Thanks to all of you who continue to visit, read, and especially put up with my foul language - this new blogging world has given me a little something on the side to allow myself to vent frustrations - so much better than beating the kids or slashing my husbands' ex-wifes' tires. So thank you for that. And I'm totally serious. [OK, I haven't beaten my kids, I PROMISE. But that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it. ]

So, here ya go. And one pic really says it all... and it's not my armpit, I swear.

Family ROCKS.
And even though we had our share of family over the past week, there's nothing like running around like a chicken with your head cut off, sipping wine and chasing 14 kids through the house [along with my brother's new bichon puppy] in the spirit of celebrating the holidays.

OK. Two more pics.

The first only comes in the format of an apology for my last post picture which I believe may have been a little too "real" for some people...

This school holiday feast pic has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas but since it's new [and I believe I scared off many readers with the close up of my sweaty arm pit], I thought I would include it to show that I actually do love my kids. Swear. [Oh, and I can clean up somewhat decent too, if needed.]

And finally, remember that post reaching out to all of you asking if we should make the jump and bring home a puppy? WELL...............................

No fucking way. This is Gizelle, my brother's bichon puppy who we kindly babysat overnight for this past week. That's all it took. I'm not sure if it was the brutal attack to our Christmas tree or the walks at 3:30am after being woke up by puppy yelping. But it was the best gift we could have gotten. A sound decision. There is no way this household can manage a puppy right now. Thanks Sami for the opportunity. [And we might even offer to have Gizelle back once she sleeps through the night and kindly shits and pisses outside, bro.]

It seems like this was the longest holiday ever. If I see another present handed to any of our children in the next several weeks I could possibly lash out and dig my nails into the kind presenters' eyeballs, so for those of you in close proximity, stay clear. In all seriousness, we're going to try to make a new tradition next year of taking all the kids to help work in a soup kitchen, or some other "giving" capacity to help those who most need it. If any one out there has any suggestions, please advise - PLEASE - before our kids turn into total narcissists and feed on other kids. It's totally possible these days, and absolutely not acceptable in this house.

See you in a week, and Happy New Year!


Swirl Girl said...

I wish we could package humility and grace and appreciation - 'cuz I would make a mint selling THAT next year!

Have a great time in Vegas! I am jealous. I am a junkie gambler. Please don't tell me you go there for the shopping...cuz I might have to climb into this slap you.

Katie said...

Pretty pretty PLEASE pack me in your suitcase and take me to Vegas with you!!

And, I'm glad you got a sneak peek at puppy rearing before making the plunge. They should pass out tester babies for this same reason.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Drink for me while you're in Vegas. And gamble too. I've got such a bad gambling problem that I have people gamble for me.

Tracey said...

Me love Vegas. I will live vicarously through you.
Have fun!

Jen said...

Have a nice trip!

And your daughter looks exactly like you.

And I couldn't do an indoor puppy either - they're like babies, but worse.

binks said...

1)See, I knew it was too crazy for you to get a dog.
WTF were you thinking???

2)There was someone offended by your sweaty armpit? Screw them, pansies!

3)I can't wait to hear all the crazy stuff you did in Vegas (unlike boring me).
Although nothing could beat the not knowing where your kid is for 24 hours and then him coming back with a lip ring excitement of my trip! I'll be patiently waiting for your foul mouthed return, Biatch!

Dr Zibbs said...

Not sure if you're still in Vegas but if you are, check out the piano bar at the New York, NY. Also, the pizza at Sirrico's in that casino is great too.

marie6 said...

Happy new year, and hope you have fun in vegas!