Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bringin' on the love for Binks... GO BINKS!

OK my friends... for the sake of supporting my groupies, click here and vote for this week's "Don't You Hate It When..." Winner.

And no, this is not any type of self promotion as I of course did not make the finals once again [some people just can't take a potty mouth mom] . But hey, if I can't win, then I would like to offer my entire subscribers' support [all 11 of you] to BINKS!! And all you just peepin' in without any blogger account, YOU CAN VOTE TOO!!! I know you are there, so go and vote! Make a difference!

So, once again, click here , check out the top right column, and vote for Binks. And better yet, check out the update on today's post over there, and CRACK UP at her own "Don't You Hate It When..." entry. It's easy. It's free. And she will LOVE YOU FOREVER! And then comment here and send her some love so she knows it!!!


Dorsey said...

She's got my vote!

binks said...

Susan! I LOVE YOU!!!!

binks said...

Now, what was that on your Christmas list again??

Thanks for all the linky love. I've been playing since the fucking start and have never even been in the semi-finals!!!!

I will totally link you up later. I OWE YOU BIG TIME!!

ps - you ever gonna hook me up with an email??

Swirl Girl said...

You do look great!

I think Shauna did me too!

Susan said...


Cant Hardly Wait said...

pretty darn close guesses... i'm in itty bitty Sidney. I was born in Norwich and I grew up here in Sidney. That's SO weird! I was in the Binghamton area christmas shopping on Sunday.

Errant said...

good luck !