Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Husband and the Parkinson's Man and Why He Is Amazing

There are so many sexy things about my husband. I love watching him do things around the house. He loves his tools, and can fix absolutely anything. And it's not like I ever have to ask him to do something in particular. Last weekend, we found him in the midst of tearing apart our rather new leather computer bench in the middle of the TV room. When I asked him what he was doing, he simply said he had heard me mention to the girls that the computer bench was flat and uncomfortable, so he was just going to fix it. His idea of fixing meant unstapling leather, measuring and cutting wood, and creating an amazing seat that we all keep commenting on. My idea of "fixing" would have revolved around heading out to just buy a new one.

Today, he's mounting our TV in the kitchen. I've been watching and he doesn't even notice. And his hands are one of the most sexiest hands I've ever seen...:

I'm not sure if it's the fact that he's a police officer of 14 years and that I've seen him at work in some unbelievable circumstances. I've heard about too many things I never knew existed in this country. I know that we are fortunate in so many aspects. He's seen more than many people would care to experience. Yet this, coupled with his unbelievable kindness and true respect of other people, makes him an amazing man.

Yesterday, as we were leaving my girls' soccer game, I realized I had picked up an extra trophy and had to run back inside before some 7 year old became emotionally distraught thinking their own trophy was stolen. My husband said he would get the car, and he'd pick me up at the front door in a few minutes. As I returned outside to wait for him, I suddenly saw an old man on the street corner crash down to the ground, watching and hearing his head impact the sidewalk as his cane flew into the road. My heart stopped. It was the loudest sound I've ever heard.

In the half a second I debated what to do - I immediately ran inside knowing that I wouldn't be able to handle the situation by myself, realizing I didn't have my phone on me. The slow pace and lack of concern from the employees at the local YMCA was nothing short of disturbing. I started yelling "PLEASE! I NEED HELP! A MAN HAS FALLEN AND HAS HIT HIS HEAD AND I THINK YOU SHOULD CALL 911!!"

A woman behind the desk slowly looked at me, then away, then slowly pointed to another gentleman behind a second desk on the other side of the lobby. As I commanded this man to assist me and bring a phone, I began to run outside filled with fear as to what I might find.

And what I saw, brought tears to my eyes.

It was my husband. Kneeling down in the street tending to the fallen man.

As Mark was pulling the car around, he saw the dropped man and jumped out to help. He was questioning him and examining his body before deciding whether he could move him without further injury. In minutes, we had 911 on its way, and God must have sensed what was happening as I know he was responsible for the medical resident who drove by at that very moment. My husband and this Resident were amazing.

The injured man I believe will be okay. He had a head contusion, was bleeding from scrapes on his hand, and was suffering from Parkinson's Disease. He had no family. He lived with friends almost 2 miles away and had been walking to one of the hospitals yet another mile from where we stood to visit a friend. He was 54. He looked at least 68. He currently had two broken ribs that occurred during his last fall. He falls regularly.

My husband held him in a safe position until the ambulance arrived. And to him, it was normal. It was no big deal, and this was what he or any passing person would do. He was just filled with kindness, concern and the natural sense and ability to help. His presence calmed me. His actions and eye contact spoke nothing less than "I'll handle it Sue, don't worry." To me, I think he is amazing.

And I can't stop thinking about the man.

Dear Old Parkinson's Man,

My heart and prayers go out to you. I hope you are okay, and I hope that in all of this you will receive appropriate medical attention not only for this fall, but to ensure your safety and well being from now on. Today you have reminded me that what I have done through work in the past 13 years is worth everything if it has helped at least one person in your condition.


The Scared Blonde Who Really Did Run As Fast As She Could

PS... Happy Birthday, Baby. I am so grateful for the day you entered my life.


Dorsey said...

So sweet!! I can see how he's stolen your heart! Mmmm..hunky!

libby said...

That was such a sweet story. You really have found a great man. And I couldn't be happier for you. And for the record, I have a thing about hands too.

Just A Chic... said...

Wow. Your husband sounds like an incredible man. How very blessed you must feel to have found such a gem.

ModernMom said...

That is putting some pretty good karma out there in the world! Sweet story, and good for you for running as fast as you could :)

Stacie said...

this is a beautiful post!!!!

I really don't know what else to say!

Stacie said...

I really wanted to joke about the fact that you said, your husband loves his tool and something about mounting the tv.

but then read all the sweetness and just couldn't do it.

Stacie said...

but I guess I just did, didn't I?

still lovely post! Happy that you found someone like your hubby and I hope that someday I will find someone like that too!

Susan said...

Aw, you guys are sweet. And Stacie, YES, he actually DOES love his tool. What man doesn't? (smile)

Blonde Goddess said...

This is a great post. Thanks for sharing such an intimate moment. I'm sure it was very frightening and upsetting for everyone involved.
It's nice to know there is someone out there like your husband who will be there to help in a crisis.
The two of you are very lucky to have each other.

Swirl Girl said...

What a wonderful person your husband is!

It sounds like he has gentle soul, like he was born with it - you don't learn that, you just have it.

You are lucky to have one another.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

That's too sweet. There is nothing sexier about a man than being a sweet, kind person to everyone.

Tracey said...

What a loving tribute to your husband. Sounds like a real catch. :)

binks said...

Glad you found your knight, he sounds like a true hero.

D'Lynn said...

You gotta love our men.