Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's worse in my life of everyday CHAOS?

Question of the Day?

What could cause me this much angst tonight?

a) Finding out my 9 year old daughter kicked a boy in the nuts while playing in our local McDonald's play place even though he was blocking all four of our kids in the suspended tunnel and shaking it uncontrollably while mocking them repeatedly;

b) Receiving two essay length e-mails from my husband's ex-wife about first, her thoughts on sports selections for their 2nd grader who you'd think at this moment was in his third year of high school making a life decision around scholarship selections; and second, how she still needs to "ponder" our request for her to not pay the little tyke unheard of monetary awards for simply completing basic homework assignments that all other kids need to do as a normal reading requirement in class;

c) Realizing on this Saturday evening - the 7th day in a row of having all four insane and bad ass kids with us who don't give a shit about anyone else but themselves - after getting home from a family birthday party of 20+ people where kids ruled the entire house and the temperature in the main room rose so high causing the need to pat formed sweat stain marks on my new shirt with tissues - that I am now home, walking to the wine cabinet and noticing we are completely out of red wine.

Baby, unscrew the vodka.
This bitch needs a drink.


Scary Mommy said...

Here's hoping you had a better night and consumed vast amounts of alcohol!!

Dani said... type of girl!!!

Just A Chic... said...

Make it a double...nut kicking, exes, & birthday parties deserve at LEAST a double.

Swirl Girl said...

hope you don't drink the extenze by accident.

Pearl said...

I have to say hoorah for your 9yo daughter sticking up for everyone. Sounds like that boys parents needed a kick in the nuts as well!

We are out of red wine tonight too, so I had to settle for beer. blah.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you call me baby.

Katie said...

Ok, here's what you do:
a) drink the vodka, obviously.
b) after drinking all the vodka, write a nice little note back to hub's ex.
c) smash the bottle, give it to your daughter, and send her after the McDonalds bully. It's hard to mock when you have shards of glass in your eye.

Blonde Goddess said...

My Sunday afternoon was spent with Vodka.
I think we can all stand to have a little of it once in awhile.

Stacie said...

yikes....and *sigh* sounds familiar.

binks said...

Ummm .... I'm thinking the 9 yo held her own against terrorism. Terrorists definitely deserve a swift kick in the nuts.

The ex is a whole other nut to crack. And cracking is so much more fun after 2 or 20 cocktails.
Is it just me or have people just gone off the deep end when it comes to coddling their kids?
WTF happened to discipline?

Cant Hardly Wait said...

let's go to bourbon street and get some hand grenades. BEST DRINK EVER.

The Girl Next Door said...

OH i love that photo and yeah exes are enough to make everyone need a big fat honkin' drink

Krista said...

You gave your daughter a badge for the nut kickin' right?