Friday, January 16, 2009

And the Hits Just Keep On Coming.

Dear great spirit up above
who is supposed to watch over those that lead decent lives
and attempt to better themselves and those around them:

I realize my recent job loss can be seen as "opportunity".
I'm grasping that with both hands.
I will seize the moment
[after i take some well deserved time off].

But now my sister/best friend is moving states away?

Just promise me you are watching over her
and this will be the best decision her and her family have ever made.
Just make sure they are happy.

Can you hear me crying???????

I will miss you my dear sister.
So tell your hubby you need a couple of extra bedrooms
because I am unemployed and
I refuse to go longer than a couple of months without seeing you.
And him.
And those 2 cute little booger kids of yours.
Kisses & Hugs...xoxo...


Swirl Girl said...

My sister still harbors resentment (6 years later) against my hubby for taking me away ....a little anyway.

Anonymous said...


We are getting a big house, enough room for your whole Tribe. Funny blog by the way


binks said...

Don't cry Susan. It will be okay. How far away is your sister moving?

BTW - you guys look like twins.

Susan said...

charlotte, nc. My soon to be new vacation spot.

libby said...

I have to say it's bittersweet...for me at least! Maybe I will see more of both of you now! Charleston is not too far away. But I digress, this isn't about me.

The good news is flights can be cheap to Charlotte!

PS - that is an amazing picture of you both! So grown up!

Katie said...

That sucks. :( At least you'll be coming to NC more often. You'll help me increase the use of the word "Fuck" in my lovely state.