Thursday, January 8, 2009

Foto Friday and the girls who helped me through this week

Well, it's Friday Foto Finish over at Candid Carrie's Place and I'm still a pile of mush today - all these messed up emotions going on - and to top this week's job lay off, my god damn period is due. Now please. Is there really a God up there somewhere? I realize they say he will dish us only what we can handle, but I believe he has me totally mixed up with some "Martha-Stewart-have-it-all-together-and-can-rebound-perfectly-from-anything" type of mom. Ummm... nope. Not me. I would be the "other" mom down here. Can someone with connections PLEASE pass that message on? I don't have much of a reputation up there, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Candid Carrie asks us to post a favorite photo to share and link back to her. And in my regular sense of "normalcy" I am usually the only one NOT posting a perfect family picture or seasonal scene... but today is different. While the majority of my Thursday was pretty much filled with rage [still fighting HR battles and severance package mishaps], it was around 5pm when my girls so unexpectedly melted my heart.

Girls Night Out and look how they surprised me:

Now as if both of them in actual DRESSES and TIGHTS adorning pretty sweet [not to mention unmatching, but when so super cool looking, who gives a crap] rain boots wasn't enough, the biggest joy was that as of January 2009 I can finally say that last year's Easter dresses were actually worth the purchase. I don't even believe I could convince them to remove tags way back in late March, and look at them now. A successful holiday purchase. Never Say Never.

Those two beings in addition to my husband who will finally be home tomorrow night are the three specific reasons I opted for my package. I could have stayed employed with a bigger territory, which totally equals less family time, more driving time and overnights every month. No way. Go to hell company of 13 years. Find some other puppet who will allow you to pull their strings. I've got way too much more important stuff going on here at home.

Today, life is good.


Susie said...

Good for you! Don't let any job push you away from those beautiful girls! That's how I became a SAHM. My company pushed and I walked.

Lauren said...


Swirl Girl said...

Yeeah boyeez!

Karen said...

Good on you for taking a stand.

Those two little cuties are definitely worth it... mismatched rainboots and all :-)

Scary Mommy said...

Fuck 'em.

(And those outfits are adorable, LOL!!!!)

marie6 said...

Two cute princesses will brighten your day anytime! Enjoy your time off with them, always worth more than any paypacket (from a professional SAHM)!!!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

fuck jobs! ..

for right now!

and i LOVE rainboots, dude. I wear them all the time. I love that picture. They're all "That's whats up!"

Katie said...

Your girls are frickin ADORABLE!
And on that same note, dude, be glad your getting your period. I seem to remember some panicky posts a few months back about a certain birth control ring stuck to a certains someone's ass.

While it sucks that now you are facing an unknown in the way of your job, you do get to spend some extra time with those little cutie pies.

One Crazy Chick! said...

Life works out!

I am sorry to hear about the layoff but if I were you I would have told them to shove it where the sun don't shine because what is life if you are always working? Oh, right, it's not a life!

I was "laid" off in July but you know what? I am now making more money staying home. Crazy, right?

So, if it happened to me, I know it will happen for you.

I mean just look at those dresses you thought were a waste, they are now being put to good use.

Happy FFFF!

moooooog35 said...

Hellooooooooo, Susan!



That was kind of lavish.

Just wanted to say 'thanks for the visit' and the 'comment' and the 'thing which will remain unspoken here because it's so dirty but I can't believe you can bend like that.'

Perhaps I've said too much.

Hope to see you back! Glad I could cheer you up.

Linda said...

Beautiful girls. And do I ever love polka dots!
I took a walk on a job 5 years ago that was offering severance packages to those willing to go. Best decision I could have ever made. All 300 employees were left jobless, and with no severance this last year when they folded.
I didn't read your previous post and the subject so I will go so now.
Best of luck to you!!

Candid Carrie said...

I love the "deer in the headlights" look on leopard boots girl! And those top-knots in their hair are adorable.

I still wear my hair just like that, all Cyndi Lou Whoo-ish.

Not really, but I could.

Thanks for participating!



Anonymous said...

Great shot! your girls are really cute in polka-dots!

~~tonya~~ said...

They are so cute!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

Wow--they are so cute! I love the Easter dress/rain boot combo!

binks said...

Those two are so cute, how could you decide to leave 'em on a regular basis? Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I can't believe you've been dealing with all that crap without the hubs.

Besides, I LOVE all your crazy pictures on FX4. Sometimes, all that treacley sweetness needs some spice and fun.