Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm playing, but I'm playing MY way, K?

So I found this new blogger called Stacie's Madness, and I finally gave in to the run of the mill "meme" (what the fuck is a meme anyway? Something all about ME ME???] where you're assigned a letter in the alphabet and then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with guess what? Uh, yeah... the fucking assigned letter, people.

And.............. you think I'm gonna mention plain ol' shit, right?

This one's for Stacie.

Letter J. As in "Jackass".

1. Judas Priest's song - "You Got Another Thing Coming"... I never knew he was fully "gay" until my husband confirmed it. And I'm not sure why my husband confirmed this to me years ago, but he did. Gay or not, I love that fucking song. Do you remember his fist glove with spikes? Mmmmmm.....

2. Jizz. Ew. Just Joking.

3. Jackass Ex-Husbands. The EX is the main part of that.

4. Japanese women. Because my EX was obsessed with them and thankfully that's what allowed me to get rid of him. And yes she was about this young:

5. Jaculated. Because it sounds like "ejaculated" and makes me laugh every time I hear it. [Ok, so I don't hear it that often, but it makes me think of a homie talking about how "he jaculated".]

6. Jeans. I love me some sweet pair of tight, flared, dark, denim jeans. With really cool pointy cockroach killer heels.

7. Jessica Simpson. Ok, so I think she's a dingbat, but I think her body is smoking hot even today. Fuck all you media people that impose your "size 0 is the only size allowed in Hollywood" views.

8. Jellybeans. I'm a sugar candy addict. Jelly beans, sweet tarts, sour patch kids overrule chocolate in my house any day.

9. Jumping your wife in the middle of a Saturday afternoon with no kids. [Oops, did I just type that? Mark? You reading me baby?]

10. Jugs. I mean come on. I wore my first bra in like 2nd grade. My husband uses adjectives like "Melonous", "Mountainous", and "Holyshitenormous" so I've had no choice but to come to appreciate a good set of female jugs.

WHOA. Sorry.
This was seriously the kindest "jug" photo from my google search that I could share.

"Meme" complete.


Stacie said...

haha that was great!

for another not your average meme, you should check out ms. sassy pants' letter explosion...HILARIOUS and totally R rated.

Katie said...

That was hilarious. Jaculate might be the best word ever. I'm going to ax Lennie if he knows what it means.

Doublebanker said...

Have to admit...even that last pic scared me.

Learn how to do this

Cant Hardly Wait said...

... umm... that ho has some herpes on her tit, yo.

good meme. best one EVER.

Dr Zibbs said...

Jizz. I've got to start using that word again.

Swirl Girl said...

jumping jimminy girl-

not your average meme (youyou ) indeed!

binks said...

ROFL - now that had sass!

moooooog35 said...

J is for Jello.

Which is what I just threw up after looking at the stretch-mark boob-zit picture.

Thanks for that.

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