Monday, January 26, 2009

My Husband, the Artiste

Have you ever become fixated on something - a particular house or business, a fixture, a tree, even a graffiti sign on a passing bridge - in the midst of your routine driving pattern, day in and day out? You know, something that you maybe glance at or inspect, or simply verify it's daily existence even subconsciously, for no ungodly reason what so ever?

For example, every single day my kids wait anxiously as I take our first "left" down our street so they can be the first in our car to witness the black punch bug automobile usually sitting in the driveway 8 houses away, allowing them to then brutally punch the shit out of their neighboring sibling and scream at the top of their lungs "BLACK PUNCH BUGGY, NO PUNCHES BACK!"

My personal favorite, is a green highway exit sign between here and the Delaware Water Gap, which in big letters advertises the little town of "Scotrun", PA. If you ask anyone who is familiar with the drive from here to New York City, they will most likely be able to testify that they too have passed the town of SCROTUM during their travels. It's some type of eye/mind game, but no matter what, rest assured, that during any drive that takes me that way I must confirm that "scrotum" still exists in Pennsylvania. And today I learned that us locals are not the only ones to think this way as there are multiple google results around the spelling misconception, including the below Urban Dictionary definition of Scotrun, PA:

Tiny town in the
Poconos of Pennsylvania, mostly known for looking like 'Scrotum' as people fly by the exit sign on route 80 west.
Scotrun, PA 18355 Recently placed on the world map by
Great Wolf Lodge, the worlds largest log cabin resort/hotel/indoor water park.

And now you're wondering, what the hell was the purpose behind today's post? Well, in a few titled pictures my husband has been collecting over the past 5 months, I will now share with you HIS travel object of obsession:

A porch cushion.

Draped over a front porch.

That's been sitting in the same spot for over 5 months now.

The porch of the house of his HACK HACK COUGH COUGH ex-wife HACK COUGH.

This is a collection of phone picture messages I have received since fall:

"Leaves on a cushion." First in a series of prints.

My second print in a series called "Four Seasons". This is called "Snowy Cushion."

Special Offering: One time only: Bonus Print from my "Seasons" series... This one is titled "Cold Dirty Porch"

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make sure all my summer flower pots are properly put away until spring.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Is Scotrun near Blueball, PA?

Or, for that matter, Jenks, PA?

Doublebanker said...

We used to just say...slug bug. WHACK!

Check out my photo of some snow day fun.

Katie said...

Come on down to PoWhite, NC. The hub's ex wife will love it here.
I really should go get that granola bar wrapper that's been sitting on the screened porch since summer...

Dr Zibbs said...

If it's hand signed I'm buyin'.

Carla said...

Johnny-O and I also love Unadilla on RT 88 to Albany. Yes, you guessed it...UNADILDO!!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

That's hilarous. I have so many little things I notice.

I've been bitching about my neighbors Christmas light strand on their roof for almost 3 years now.

libby said...

To Do:

1. Must notice more interesting/random/strange things.

2. Must go move white trash ladder that has been sitting in yard for one year.

3. Must take down Christmas lights.

3. Must drive red punch buggy slowly in front of elementary and middle school playgrounds...during gym class.

binks said...

ROFL. Wish I had a laugh on the way to work.

Pearl said...

I dropped a ponytail holder in the street where I always park my car. It has been sitting in relatively the same spot for about a month now and I always look for it as I get into my car. And NO I am NOT going to pick it up, eeew. But I was just thinking the other day that I am going to be sad when it disappears. I need a therapist.