Monday, January 26, 2009

Marriage Tip #187

Him: "Honey, let's go upstairs and have dirty white trash sex."

Her: "Um...gross... you showered and I didn't. Not fair."

Him: "No, I DIDN'T shower. I just washed my hair quick. I couldn't take it."

Her: "Oh. OK. [walking upstairs] So, what does 'white trash sex' entail anyway?"

Him: "You know............ Sex............ Without showering."

Men are so fucking creative.

And a few months of unemployment with this type of daily activity may have us ending up looking something like this:

[I'm not sure who that second female could be, but hey, what the hell, right?]


Doublebanker said...

Gotta come up with something to keep the spice in the love life! :)

Check out some snow day fun the neighbor kids were having.

Anonymous said...

All men should have a pair of Daisy Dukes like that.

And how come it's ok to have sex when you're both dirty OR you're both clean, but when one has showered and the other hasn't you can't. I'm like that too. What is that?

Anonymous said...

P.S. You do know that 187 is police code for murder right?

Swirl Girl said...

I'd dump the guy and keep the chick...what the hell, right?

moooooog35 said...

I thought 'dirty white trash sex' was banging your sister in law.

My wife is gonna be PISSED.

Dani said...

You never sieze to make me laugh outloud when I read your posts.

I AM still alive although was another story. The flood gates opened for me which left my poor starving body in shock. I feel much better today...just a little hungry for wings!!

I'll blog later tonight.... :)
Thanks for worrying about little ol me!

Stacie said...

hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, you're pretty darn funny, you are!

binks said...

Wow, those shorts are just soooo wrong.

If that is dirty white trash then the second girl is the daughter. Ick!

Karen said...

I refuse to partake in such things because my fiance comes home from work smelling like a box of assholes.

Katie said...

I just can't stop looking at the legs. I'm mesmerized