Friday, January 9, 2009

A Gift From Me To You. Introducing Mental Poo.

I have something special to share.
I couldn't even WAIT until tomorrow,
so for those looking at FOTO FRIDAY pics,
I soooooo apologize and mine is just below this post... K?

Today, I found the male version of the blogger I aspire to be. I have never laughed my ass off harder, and I am absolutely sure there are a handful of you that will become instant followers. And many of you might think I'm insane, but this is what I call "perfect humor" and have literally laughed out loud for the past half an hour reading his stuff... Katie - you are going to love this shit.

[Warning: Content may be explicit. You will also see many dressed up photos of "the male member" on here... not real ones, I promise, but still quite realistic, and all in good taste. Well, as good as they can possibly taste, I guess.]

Ladies and Gentlemen: May I introduce you to: Mental Poo .

[Did you click him yet? No? OK, keep reading I guess, but then promise me you will go back and click him.]

And after you've read his personal saga with experiencing erectile dysfunction, click on his link early in that same post that reads "then for this one". It's the link right next to the picture showcasing various degrees of limp male members. And then sit back and laugh your ass off. I absolutely give anyone permission to make fun of others when they can make that much fun of themselves.

Mental Poo, I believe I have seen Pure Genius today. Now this is what we ladies call "Keepin' It Real". Hats off to your wife as well for providing such wealthy content to inspire such writing.


Moooooog35 said...

Wow...I'm blushing.

Actually, I DO have parts that are red, but I think that's more from the rubbing than anything else.

My Motivational Posters seem to be a hit, just so you know.

You know, just a tip.

A sad, dangly tip.

Your check is in the mail.

MJenks said...

Originally, I thought "this guy is funny", but then when I went through older posts, I thought "this guy is really funny." Then I looked at the hotties he's nailing in the comments sections, and knew I wanted in on that action. The motivational posters really landed my big, fat, flopping on the dock ass, though.

Susan said...

Ok, I'm going to have to go find the motivational posters. I'm totally curious now...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift! It is, quite literally, just what I wanted and needed. :)

binks said...

Ok - I will go.
However, just for the record, I am not a big fan of the limp dick. But, since you are pimping him out........

binks said...

OMf$#ckingG - that was hilarious!!! Thanks!

Katie said...

Yay Yay Yay! I'm going to check it out RIGHT NOW.

Dani said...

OH MY GOSH Sue, I have been laughing so hard at this guy Graydon came in too see what was going on. Opps not for you honey!!

Thanks for sharing and keep up the great posts!

The Nice One said...

Cant wait to go check that out ;)

Diskon said...

Holy fucking shit. He is one funny fucker.