Saturday, September 27, 2008

Betty for my Box???

I could not make this shit up.
I also can't take credit for the product information below...
most of it came directly from its own website...

I am actually contemplating growing out my hair "down there" to get my own betty ready!

Pink party in a box??? For my box??? WHAT???

Product of the Week (or month, or even CENTURY!!!):
"Betty for the hair down there..."

Hot pink means play.
Adventure down below!
The first safe color for the hair down there.
FUN betty is a hot pink party in a box!
FUN betty color for the hair down there.
Go girl, it's your birthday!
Or your anniversary or your wedding or his birthday!
It's the perfect gift!
Follow the easy directions for safe color.
Natural looking.
No mess.
No drip.
Use it every time you candy!

Actual Customer Quotes:

“Using betty makes me feel empowered and confident” - Sandra, 42

“I love it! First weekend with a new guy - and I’m a real blonde…” - Patti, 45

“Thank you- at 42 I’m in the best physical shape of my life; but the grey in my betty made me feel OLD. Now with betty I feel like I look- great!” - Dawn, 42

“This product is fabulous! I’ve now got a “girls weekend” planned for a group of us to get together and get our betty ready!” - Sarah, 35

“Betty is gentle with no reaction and very simple to use. Great results! Would like to try other betty colors. Thanks betty!!” - Tracie, 28

“I was always embarrassed when I was first getting intimate. The women were surprised at how gray i really was. I know it’s called ‘Black betty,’ but this product is a must for men, too.” - Ted, 38

“Very good product, the process and the result were exactly as described. Very easy to use. I did this as a birthday surprise for my husband: he loved it.” - Valerie, 32

“Becoming a FUN betty was easy and completely worth it- every time i remember the gorgeous hot pink color, I feel like I’m keeping a sexy secret.” - Alison, 30

“For years I haven’t had any hair down there. But, now that i have Blonde betty, I’ve grown back just a sweet small patch. I love having a blonde betty. Thank you.” - Julie, 36

“I am having a wedding soon and can’t wait to give Betty to my bridesmaids and mother as gifts. I think it’s going to be a great occasion for us all to get our Betty’s ready!” - Ashley, 26

Have I convinced you to get YOUR betty ready???


Tracey said...

That's just wrong. LOL!

Brazillian bikini wax. I highly recommend it.