Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Proud White Rhythm

Dear Samantha and Sydney,

I have realized this week that I owe you a very sincere apology. It was just over 48 hours ago that I was faced with the unfortunate reality that you have ultimately inherited my atrocious "white rhythm".
You both were so brave to attend Sunday's cheer leading camp at the high school. How overwhelming and intimidating it must have been to be whisked off into the massive crowds, searching for any possible familiar face in your smaller break out groups and attempt something you have never tried before.
Sydney, for you to tell me on our ride home that you cried while I was gone broke my heart. And how brave of you to walk up to one of the older cheerleaders and say "I'm having problems." Tears and all. I am so proud of you.
I'm honored and so glad to have had the opportunity to watch you perform at the end of Sunday's class. I have many pictures, two videos, a very intense migraine headache that has lasted 3 days now not to mention the strawberry Laffy Taffy still stuck in the back of my teeth which I found while fumbling through your snack bag. You really did me proud... white rhythm and all girlies.

All my love and kisses,



Katie said...

I remember how scary cheerleading was! Your girls sound adorable. :)