Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our First of TWO "Firsts"!!

The house is once again full of 8 miniature feet thumping around... all 4 kids are finally here, and I absolutely LOVE when they get back together after not seeing each other for at least a week...

Mark and I suck to them on first day re-reunions such as yesterday afternoon. OK, "suck" probably isn't the most appropriate word, but it's very descriptive as to how I feel, compared to how they feel towards seeing each other... how about: non-existent. I can hear Sydney giggling, Samantha conning Cooper into having a garage sale trying to gather up my company "prostate cancer awareness pins" I insist she must give away for free to any passer-bys... Spencer alternating between the garage sale and shooting hoops outside with Syd while grossing each other out talking about a show they just watched that had some guy in the wilderness eating guinea pig intestines...

Do guinea pigs actually live in the wild?

So anyway, the most Mark or I can offer to please any or all of them is to move our cars out of the driveway. Fast! Seriously! People are on their way to the sale!!! Oh, and raviolis. Whew.

So if I try to get back to the whole point of my blog this morning, the boys started school today but the girls don't start until tomorrow. It was 8:23pm last night and suddenly, as if a lightening bolt struck the girls in their ass at the exact same time as we were heading up after our 10 extra minutes of Sponge Bob...

"MOM, can WE go see Spencer and Cooper's classrooms tomorrow???!!!"


[stalling as I KNOW the preparation the boy's mom has put into newly coordinated outfits and sneakers, monogrammed backpacks and matching lunch bags on back order from LL Bean, and even more importantly, coordinating Mark's arrival time with the boys in order for her to meet them there to get their annual "1st Day of School" picture in their new fucking clothes in the same fucking spot in front of the same fucking school entrance sign...]

...Sure girls, why not?"


Before I could stop it, the anticipation was too much too bear.

The girls ran...
double step....
bursting in the boys bedroom, announcing and asking at the same time:

"Do you WANT us to come see your class rooms???"
Climbing up the bunk bed ladder.
More giggles.
"Who's going to sit where on the ride to school in the car?"
More giggles.

This is what I love more than anything else in the world.

I giggled all the way to bed.


AudreyO said...

Giggling all the way to bed is so much fun. What a great story. Thanks for sharing.