Saturday, September 13, 2008


I didn't sleep very well last night. I can't blame it on the wine since we only shared one bottle over a huge dinner last night (minus most carbs I might proudly add). There is usually only one other reason I can't sleep:

Excitement over a home purchase.

Mark said around 3am I rolled over and mumbled "I can't wait to see my chair in the morning."

I mean, how sad is that? But let me tell you, I found the most incredible chair. And not only did I find it and fall in love with it, I got an unbelievable deal. 50% off the $400 price tag because one of its legs had broken. Little did they know that I am married to a man with lots of tools who loves to build stuff. 30 minutes later and a trip to Lowes that cost us $2.39, my chair was 100% back in shape. And beautiful I might add. Sweetness. Ahhhhhh.....

I love to decorate, and one of the things I tell friends who ask me how to get started on their own homes or just a specific room is to start with one item that truly inspires you. A pillow. A picture. A piece of furniture or a lamp. Anything that you just absolutely love.

I absolutely LOVE this chair:

Maybe someone else out there can share in my joy.
Until then, I'll be sitting on the couch staring at my new chair.