Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Glimpse Of "A Love Affair"

There are some things that I must consider sacred in life. And with blogging, some of these things are too special or personal to just blast out into this universal black hole of space for just anyone to see.

However, for anyone that has been in a failed relationship, I want to let you know that if you really work hard to learn what your part was in it all, there is such opportunity for greatness. Here's my greatness: my current husband.

In all of my misery with my weight and my misery with work, I received this text from him tonight after he read my recent post from work entitled "Short and Stocky":


You are a very good writer. Your blog cracks me up. I know you won't believe me but your weight is not at a point where anyone would notice. It's just a number you are not comfortable with. You asked me a long time ago to be honest with you if I start to notice you gain weight. You look amazing! I love you Susan!

I love you too Mark. You are the amazing one.

PS...I'm still eating dry celery sticks all weekend.


The Long and the Short of it said...

What a wonderful man! I feel the same way... I just want to shout to everyone in a bad relationship that they should take the jump, get out. The world can be so much better. Wonderful men do exist! Thank you for the reminder to recognize them. I am going to go now and thank my husband for being so wonderful.

-The Short of It