Friday, September 5, 2008

Widgets, Smidgets

Only people that have attempted "blogging" will even know what the hell I'm talking about - Unless you are a computer tech programmer, which the closest link I have to any knowledge of computers "behind" the screen is my ex-husband. Figures. Probably very good reason for "ex". Particularly since the only thing that comes to mind when I think of widgets is another slang name for a little boy's anatomical piece of "manhood". Probably not appropriate.

"Stop holding your widget!"

[Reader is reminded of recent post.]

So anyway, in my attempts to take the next step and improve or personalize the "look" of my so called blog, I attempted to add a different background yesterday. Unfortunately, the only thing I gained was loss of content.

I will continue to move forward and keep attempting this journey, however, if I lose readers because of blank space or erased links, or missing comments, I apologize now. It is not intended.

It's just those damn widgets.