Monday, September 1, 2008

Today's "What are you THINKING???": WHY do men continuously hold their penis?

Ok, I'm not even sure if it's appropriate to use the word "penis" on my life balancing so I say purpose of a blog. However, I do try to teach my kids to use appropriate terminology for anatomy, so I guess "penis" will be okay.

Here is a question I analyze often - provoked of course by men. Men in public. My husband. Groups of males on a street corner as I pass them. Athletic, professional men on tv or the local soccer field. All men. Just nonchalantly holding their fucking penis.

It doesn't matter if they are in public. It's like at times a prized possession they feel they must share with the world. Or at times, a possession they must coddle. Lovingly. They admire it. They idolize it. They live for it I think.

So I ask myself continuously, if I had a penis, would I hold it all the time as well? I do have two breasts - pretty big ones for that matter - probably at least a D cup that I insist will fit into a 36-C cup bra, ignoring the sides bulging out on each side, gasping for a bit more room or breath of air. But I don't hold them. Not even in private have I found myself unconsciously cupping them with my hands, consoling them or just plain acknowledging them to ensure they have not escaped my body.

So I ask all of you or anyone reading this, what is 'holding a penis' truly all about? Is it a security thing that men have? Is it an ego thing that they actually gain a little bit of male pride from? Does it excite them? Are they attempting to send a message?

Yesterday, my 2 year old nephew ran around my mom's kitchen - laughing, screaming, singing, playing. And the entire time I realized he had his hand in his diaper, just fondling his penis. Now for him at two years old it may have felt good...even amazing for that matter as he learns about his masculinity. However, it wasn't conscious. So finally I yelled, "Get your hand off your junk dude!" He laughed, and continued, as if I was non-existent. He is on his way to the almighty thing I now call "manhood".

My husband swears that with my personality if I had a penis I would hold it. Alot. But unfortunately, I will never know. So for now, my dear husband, I will share yours. I am willing to hold, coddle, cup and support that lovely penis of manhood you have, something I will never be able to experience on my own. I hope you don't mind.


Michelle said...

Well, I asked my H for you. He says that sometimes it gets into a weird position and you have to move it. When I asked him why some guys stand around and hold their crotches, the only answer he had was "crabs" ;) hth!

Anonymous said...

He must be like is Dad??