Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meet My Family...

I'm going to call my husband and I out on something today. Right now.

Ready, baby???

It's been a year since we did a little shelf work in our tiny master bathroom. I am going to show you a picture of it, and ask my loyal readers: Is there something missing from this picture?

Remember, it's been ONE YEAR since this little project. This is where I get ready every morning. It was supposed to bring a feeling of "tranquil" to my personal space.

And then there are my pictures of the kids. Four tiny ornamental picture frames given to me by my mother-in-law. They were perfect. And now, I'd like to finally introduce you to my family:

Yes. This is my intimate family picture that has been sitting in my bathroom for one fucking year. And all I can ask you baby is, "What in god's name is wrong with us?"

I also have to say the words: YOU WERE RIGHT. A year ago, you laughed at me as I set the infamous "family" frame on the shelf, without a picture in it at the time. I explained that I wanted to find the "right" picture, and you laughed again. You specifically asked me how long it would be until that poor lonely frame would ever behold a loving family picture.

Well, one year baby and we're still rolling.

I can't say why I do this. But I know that this is one of the traits you and I excel at. Pure procrastinators and for this, we are that perfect match made in heaven. Thank you for laughing at me and with me. And I'll be counting down til next year to do a re-check on this situation. And I'll be ready to call us out again next September.

Our "family" frame may be sparing any personality today, but we both know that couldn't be farther from the truth, right? Hugs and kisses.


Ms. Florida Transplant said...

I'm the same way - I find cute frames and wait around for the picture picture to fill it. I'm especially bad since my divorce when I took down all pictures related to the Ex...which was basically every one. I've been hounded my friends for pictures ever since. :)