Saturday, September 13, 2008

Break Out The Adult Slip and Slide Baby!

This weekend, our house is silent. Aside from the TV on low as Mark lounges on the couch reading the newspaper, there is absolutely nothing else going on. No footsteps running up and down the stairs. No tattle-taling. No one to say five thousand times "Mom, come here."

"Why? What do you need?"


For the amount of times I go up and down our stairs in this house you would think I would be emaciated, withering away to nothing. And we know that is NOT the case.

So anyway, today finds me with the ability to type on my computer without being harassed, bothered, pressured to go make waffles in between spell checks, etc. It's our weekend with no kids.

Yep. Nada. Zero. Four minus Four. How sweet life is this morning.

Mark and I decided 2 years ago to work the schedule so that every other weekend all kids are with their other respective parent. Boys are with their mom. Girls are with their Dad. And we are home alone, naked, ready to pull the shower curtain and baby oil out. (Ooh, sorry, I think I might have gotten a little carried away in my emotions here...).

We have the boys 50% of the time, and the girls are with us all the time except every other weekend. I'm sure you can imagine how precious these weekends are to us. This is OUR time to hit the gym, hit the bottle (oops, there I go again), and hit the sheets (damn, I can't stop!) from Friday afternoon until 5pm Sunday.

So pardon me if I don't get back to my keyboard until Sunday night. I'm off working on myself, my marriage and my husband. Cheers.

PS...if you haven't tried the shower curtain and baby oil endeavor, let me tell you, WOW. But don't forget a little heater to keep it warm. Double Cheers.